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We are offering our best VPS hosting rate packages for our national & international customers.
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  • Guaranteed RAM 2.5 GB
  • Dedicated CPU Cores 2
  • SSD Storage 25 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 1500 GB
  • Fully Managed



  • Guaranteed RAM 4.5 GB
  • Dedicated CPU Cores 4
  • SSD Storage 45 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 2000 GB
  • Fully Managed



  • Guaranteed RAM 6.5 GB
  • Dedicated CPU Cores 6
  • SSD Storage 65 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 2500 GB
  • Fully Managed



  • Guaranteed RAM 8.5 GB
  • Dedicated CPU Cores 8
  • SSD Storage 100 GB
  • Premium Bandwidth 3500 GB
  • Fully Managed

Virtual Private Server or VPS is one of the most well-known hosting servers as compared to the other servers. VPS is a physical copy of the original server. It is like a having your own working server with all the required resources and option of a pre-installed operating system. It is a microsystem based on a shared hosting server. VPS is a self-managed server so, you have complete control over its server setup & solo responsible for its security and updates. It is also best for those websites which have a high amount of traffic. It is much safer than shared hosting server. If you have more than one website to host then VPS is the best option for you. When website traffic increases, its burstable memory starts working hard when they are needed the most.

If you want to know how VPS hosting works then this example is the best to understand it. If you are living in an apartment and it has more than one story to live. It means other people are also living in it, but you are secure in your apartment. You have more rooms option and less restriction as compared to dorm living. If your next-door-neighbor is misbehaving then it’s the problem of the landlord of that apartment building, not yours.

It is same for the VPS hosting that a different user is using the same server but completely isolated from one another. No one will be interfering with your part of resources. You will get your part of speed and security without any compromises. It is a perfect option for you because you will get the benefits of a private server with the cost of the shared server.

You can get the full advantages of dedicated bandwidth, CPU, hard disk space and RAM. VPS servers eliminate all barriers, providing you full adaptable server. VPS is a middle way between shared and dedicated servers. We offer outstanding technical support that you need it.

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