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What is Domain Name?

A domain name or web address is also known as your website URL. It is an identification sequence that represents a range of legislative independence, jurisdiction or control within the Internet. Domain name is created by the regulation and methods of the Domain Name System which is the abbreviation of DNS. It is used for detecting and recognizing computers on the World Wild Web or internet. A series of the long string numbers which is known as an IP address used by the computer. These long strings of numbers are difficult to remember for normal human minds that is why the domain name is created. It consists of alphabetical and sometimes alphanumeric words used in it which are easy to understand for everyone.

Domain Name

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For protecting your domain from expiring or accidentally removed due to human error. We offer you the auto-renewal feature. In auto-renewal, if you somehow forgot to renew your domain. Then auto-renewal feature will automatically deduct renewal cost from your online account and renew your domain before any competitor buys it.

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