Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a hosting arrangement in which a server is given to a single party or for an individual website. Usually, it is used for those websites which have a high percentage of user visits. This server will make sure that your website will be operational all the time because when your website gets offline you will lose your protentional users and in the worse scenario, they can move to your competitor website. It is not easy to install hosting server on your computer by yourself for this, a high-level professional is required for the installation and ongoing management of the server.

In dedicated hosting, a client can lease a complete server with all resources. It is usually ideal for large-scale business or websites with a high ratio of user interaction. It is expensive as compared to the other hosting server but it is more reliable, secured and can be controlled by one party or website owner. In this hosting server, you don’t get any trouble because of no other website involvement like in a shared hosting server by taking your part of resources and decreasing your website speed down.

This example is the best to understand how Dedicated hosting works. It is like you buy a house and free to go anywhere in your property where you feel comfortable. However, you have to pay for the mortgage & other bills that can be expensive.

In a dedicated server, you have to pay for the complete server not shared with others. You have full control of all its services. Unluckily, it is a most costly hosting server and to manage it you will need technical expertise.

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